For my beloved Mom – somewhere in heaven.

mom, do you know that you have taught me a lot of things
with your words, or even without

belajar untuk memberi, tanpa sedikitpun mengharapkan balasan,
belajar untuk menyayangi, dengan tulus dan sepenuh hati,
belajar untuk menerima, tanpa harus bertanya : mengapa hanya ini?
belajar untuk merasakan, bahwa kebersamaan ini adalah anugerah yang terindah untuk kita

mom, do you know that, since you left us – those words still remain in our head and togetherness – turn-out to be a super-glue that bind all of your spoiled children tightly?

dan sekarang kami sadar.
bahwa indahnya kebersamaan itu jauh melebihi apapun.

even all of the treasures in the world mean nothing compared to it.

mom, deep down inside, I believe, that you’re not really left us.
you’re still out there – guiding us to do what we should do

mom, do you know that, I really miss you, we really miss you.
and, we don’t need a mother day just to say how much we love you.

Coz you know, that this day isn’t big enough to save all of our loves
that keep growing as the clock ticking

I love you mom.. and I really miss you.

(Buat Mami, 22 Desember 2008)

By. Mirza Purwono
tulisan yang saya culik di blognya yang mati suri itu..